Writing can be boring. And painful. Especially when you are forced to. Printing your letters is very dull. Which is why I try to write in cursive as much as possible. Not only is it beautiful, I also think writing in cursive has less stress on your hand. Everyone knows the feeling of your hand being painful sore after writing an essay in print. So, as a little experiment, I wrote in cursive on my most recent essay test. The entire thing was in cursive, no print whatsoever. I can happily report that it did not hurt at all. I am a strong believer that cursive is a tragically under used form of writing. If you ever really want to look smart, write in clever (although don’t only write in cursive just to look smart, that’s just dumb). I don’t know if this post is some kind of rallying speech to convert everyone to cursive, rather a post that advocates cursive as an important teaching. In my opinion, cursive makes writing much more fun, also less painful. No one should be forced to write in cursive, but it should be recommended.


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