My Best Day of School: My Response to a Dumb Contest Topic

Well, I was told that the topic for the writing contest was my favorite day of school. But I’m not going to do that. Especially since school is often a dull humdrum only broken by the miracle that is called “lunch.” So I’m going to write about how this topic is extremely stupid and boring to write about.

I imagine when you started this contest you would hope all of the young aspiring writers would send you a lovely essay about how school is great and that we all benefit from our schooling. Not neglecting it, learning itself is beneficial. But really, writing a stupid summary about a fun time I had is boring. It’s basically just writing a teen movie made by Disney. The start is simple and depressing, and then some miracle happens where the main character has a special talent. Great story, terrible movie.

If I were to honestly tell you about my favorite days of school, I would simply regale you with all of the last days of school I’ve ever had. I could also write about all the days off and snow days, as normally they would be school days. Writing a summary of all these days would be summarizing the times I really didn’t have school. On the last day of school, we all just show up and get our yearbooks signed. After the day ends, summer starts and we forget everything until the start of next year. Most likely, you would be more interested in how my summer went because I can tell you I have a much better time during summer than any school day.

I can tell you, whoever is reading this, that I don’t care if I win this contest. I only wish to say that fifty dollars is not worth writing an extremely boring story. 


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