On Human Thought and Minds

     The human mind, a remarkable concept. A storage system, a production line, and an environment observer. These jobs that some people are paid to perform. Some require an entire team of people. How amazing it is, that an organ that is so powerful resides in the head of every single person. Six billion human beings, all with a super machine in their heads. The marvel of our universe can be defined in something that visually is just a grey mass.

     A human male’s average lifespan in the United States is 77.97 years. When anyone lives for around 28459.05 days, he is bound to see a lot. Memories of youth, adulthood, and seniority are all stored in one brain. Despite the common effect age has on memory retention, most people can recall the majority of their lives. And every man and woman has innumerable memories to store. Six billion people, with memories that could perhaps outnumber our population.

     Crazy ideas are the human entertainment system. Our minds produce so much. Our societies’  greatest tales, the best books, and a man’s favorite song are all written by our world’s crazies thinkers. Human brains can imagine entire worlds, worlds bigger than our own, and can bring them to life, Beautiful, majestic, and marvelous worlds can be contained in such a physically unremarkable object. Power to create, is locked inside our skulls and we are given the ability to let it flow into the real world. It truly is amazing, how one man can unravel a world, even a simple one.

     Scientists spend their entire lives trying to understand our world. Their most important tool, the human mind, is instrumental in everything, even in the most simple of matters. Books are written about Earth, and people can walk outside and process every word that book outlines. Smells, taste, hearing, touch, and seeing are all understood by every person. Anyone knows what they do. And these simple functions show us an entire world.

     A most startling thought it is to realize that mind can perform so many tasks, and that every person in the world also does this. The monumental worlds a man creates can be made by anyone. The enormous amount of people in the world, and they all imagine. They all think. You wonder why thunder exists, why is it necessary? Chances are, someone else is thinking about it too. Dozens of people probably are. The college student plans on being a doctor, and another wants to be an author. Every life dreams, six billion dreamers. All of life’s little things, they are overwhelming. You’re never alone though. Everyone on our little planet has it too.


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