Opinions on Poetry

Poetry is extremely important for me. Personally, I find it incredibly boring to have to constantly summarize events. Writing, perhaps like this, are much more fun. Showing my opinions or having to think about a topic is much more amusing. For example, it is boring when your final test is an essay test and said essay is a compare and contrast. There is little to no thinking involved  when writing a venn diagram down using a big wall of text. Writing about other topics such as the relationship of the church and the state in the Middle Ages versus now (example essay from my most recent final), are immensely fun to write about. Poetry makes you think. A lot of people liked Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, while I liked Dante’s Divine Comedy. I like to think a little bit, not just be force fed information. Poetry, for me, is a release of all those simple topics.


I like to think of poetry as impressionist art is to classical art. Poetry can be viewed as the abstract counterpart of a novel. Poetry is a very freeing form of literature. You could write a rhyming essay:


Roses are red

Violets are blue

This poem is cliche

But I love you


Or you could write something like this:


  Lying on a bed

       Life goes by

Headphones softly placed

            in my ears

       The voice of Paul

   and the story of Jude

         Slows the world

    to a steady calm


     can disturb me from

the steady piano

        Nothing to make

   me stop


    Happiness in seven


eight seconds


Poetry that rhymes I think can be very etiquette and impressive, Shakespeare shows this in a single sonnet. But I also think “rhyming poetry” can come across as very childish or perhaps even “lazy poetry.” Not all poetry which rhymes is bad, but when someone is forced to write a poem for school it seems they’ll often go for rhyming poetry. Free form poetry is my personal favorite, mainly because when I am honestly trying to pour out my emotions I find it annoyingly restraining to have it rhyme. Haikus in particular were never my favorite. Some people might say that the second poem above has no meaning, but a haiku is too short to really explain much in my opinion.


Poetry is very important. It seems like many people dislike it, which is okay. But I believe that it is very respectable and perhaps under appreciated at times. I love poetry. It is the easiest way for me to truly express emotions. Writing in general is my outlet.


A quick final note:

I have a personal inspiration for my poetry. There is a particular poem by E.E. Cummings called In Just that really inspired me. It was shown in class once and I thought it was a fantastic poem. It is very abstract and simple. I like that in more things than poetry. The second poem in this post is just one example of one of my own inspired poems.


That is all




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