Random Analyzations of Topics

On Time Zones:

     Time zones are a strange part of life. All the ideas and concepts in the concept of time zones make sense, all backed up by numerous sources. But the weird part is how it affects us. Obviously knowledge of time zones explains away why people feel tired after staying in a far off place. The most intriguing part is how anyone could call someone in China and it wil be night there, but it’s day here. And yet, it all happens at the same time. Though I do not claim to know how exactly timezones work, but I do find it interesting to think that potentially someone I’m talking to is having lunch while I’m getting ready for bed.


On Impressionism:

     Impressionism is a weird art form. For hundred of years, even thousands, never was art made just to look good. Since the dawn of man, art had a function. But at the turn of the nineteenth century, this new art shows up. These big innovators called “Impressionists” come on scene and change everything. And everyone dismisses them as fools. Except the leader of the group, Claude Monet, stays strong. He constantly put out articles about it, affirming his point that art can just be something that looks nice. Times goes by and everyone realizes he was right. Art can be something beautiful all by itself. Impressionism is now praised and continues on to this day. I admire Impressionism because of its ability to change the world and create the avant garde. Simplicity is beautiful, and Impressionism thrives on this truth.


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