Thy Teenage Fellow, Why Doth Sadness Grip Thee?

This poem was written for school. The assignment was to compose a poem about a type of person from modern society and write about them. The entire poem is to be in iambic pentameter with couplets. I picked the figure of a depressed teenage store clerk that works at Michael’s. I picked this person as I find that many craft stores are very depressing places. I feel sorry for the young men who work there as the place is often very unhappy. Despite this, I thought the poem itself was good enough so I posted it here.


Sitting in craft stores, sad and dejected

Why locked here standing rejected

Michael’s imprisons youth, many kid’s lives

Grown men brought here by their very wives

One man, a brave fellow, comes to small talk

“What is it you want sir? In vain your walk”

“Young fellow, why are you gripped by sadness?”

“Sir any attempts with passions is madness

I am trapped here, my life is over, gone”

“No one’s life is over till death has won”

“Respectfully sir, mine might as well be”

“Son, would you be willing to contact me?

I think there is someone that can help you”

“Anything that can make me good as new

That is something I wish I could have”

“Take this number, so your life is not cut in halve”

The man walked away, he knew the good

That fellow would have a life, as he should


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