Medleys and Living

The sun goes down on my fair country
A day ends and tomorrow comes
Our world keeps spinning, and the sun is still
So much is moving and so much is gone
But we live in each day
And each day before dies
The people are born, and the person dies
One giant world and so many a country
Our bustling world rushes on each day
We long for tomorrow, but it never comes
A future comes now and the past is gone
Sometimes life feels like standing still
Life is so fast and yet it’s so still
No one forgets what eventually dies
But we can still celebrate what is gone
Celebrate the passing of strife in our country
War and love, it always comes
The sun still rises on any coming day
Beautiful world and the lovely day
Love swells in the heart even still
Anguish can never stop the future comes
Forgetting the sad past, for even it dies
It marches on, the life in a country
Life is amazing despite how fast it can be gone
To move on, and to be gone
To stay strong, and face the day
Loving and growing in any country
Rushing through, and being able to be still
To be a light, when the other light dies
Staying alive, when strife comes
The man stands alone, the day comes
His troubles still there, fear is gone
No fear if he lives or dies
For if this is his final day
A reward is his if he is faithful still
No care if city or country
The sun goes down on my fair country
Life is so fast, and yet it’s so still
To stay strong, to face the day


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