The Days Go By

Sitting alone, all by yourself
There is a whole world out there
Why are you sitting down?
What’s a gray couch got to offer?
You’ve been given a life
Given a car
Given a license
Given a world
I could show you what’d look like to drive
Down that highway
But why not do it?
Life is long
But today is short!
You spend so much time doing nothing
Going to sleep
Then doing more nothing
When life isn’t consumed
Why waste it?
There is only 365 days
Now there is one less
You ever think the horizon ends?
Chase after it
You’ll find something beyond it
If everything ends
Don’t sit around waiting for it
I don’t think purpose
Will look for you
Then it’s better
To go find it
Because the sun shines
And the wind blows
But air conditioning
Isn’t going to satisfy
There’s so much around
So much to see
Waiting waiting waiting
Sitting sitting sitting
For what?
Even the times
When you have no time
There’s so much to be made of it
Every second is an opportunity
When it’s all over
Everything is dead or changed
Do you want to tell God
That life was boring
When he made it just for you?


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