Little Things

The pizza place was covered in friezes and printed with something in Italian. The atmosphere was way too loud to hear the music; it was more like an inaudible beat. The whole restaurant was filled to the brim with hipsters, and we entered clearly looking like four white kids from the suburbs. Tonight was going to be something different. It was the night of probably way too much pizza, as we were all going to find out. My friends and I had all gotten together for a night of jovial consumption of pizza and then some stupid whatever we normally do. When I entered Pizza Luche, I did not know what was coming to me. Tonight I would see Matthew do something I never could’ve predicted him to do.
My friend Matthew is an interesting person; let’s get that straight. I wouldn’t say it’s a double-personality thing, but when you see him in school you see one Matthew, and outside of school you see the other. School-Matthew is quieter, more reserved. I think I would describe him as someone you’d look at and probably think they were pretty smart. He is just more “normal,” if there is a normal. Out-of-School-Matthew is a not as normal, he is not insane but definitely a bit crazier than in school. If you have him over to hangout and you stay up until two in the morning, you’ll fully realize how insane Matthew can be.
Regardless, what transpired tonight no one would probably have predicted to happen. So, when we went into the Pizza Luche, it was suppertime, the sun wasn’t down all the way, but it was still pretty dark. It was Matthew, Anders, Wesley, and myself.  As described, we were all wearing the stereotypical white suburban outfit, shorts or jeans with t-shirts. I had never been to Pizza Luche, but free pizza was better than anything, at least free for myself.  We all sat down in a booth, two to one side, and two to the other. The couches were red and leather. Immediately we seized the fancy black menus and perused the selections of delectable pizza. After thoughtful debate on which to get, it was decided. We would get two large pizzas, one would be cheese and the other would be The Bear, which is one of the greatest pizzas I’ve ever had in my life. It’s topped full of Italian sausage, marinated chicken, ground beef, and Canadian bacon, all put together by a layer of mozzarella. The minute I saw it, I wanted to eat it very much. And it was extraordinary.
After we ordered, they brought us our drinks. It was only water, but nonetheless it was some great water. It was that kind of water that somehow has a flavor, that kind when it’s summer and you’ve been sweating the entire day away, and you finally get that perfect glass of water, at the right temperature. It was that kind of water.
We all sat in the booth, eagerly waiting for the delicious to come to us. In the booth, the conversations were dumb and teenage, not immature but rather just plain hysterically stupid.
Now, to prepare you, I would like to say that this happens often; our conversations are always similar to this. When we had entered the restaurant, Anders and Matthew had mentioned a reference to a dumb movie that “If we had seen this movie, it would ruin our lives.” So, naturally, Wesley and I wanted to know what they were talking about. But they flat out refused to tell us anything about it, let alone the name. And I really, really wanted to know. We spent the next half hour to an hour wondering and guessing what this movie was, because of course when something ruins your life, you’d want to know about it. I pulled out my phone and went to the Netflix homepage and leafed through the pages of movies and TV shows that started with “the.” There were around one hundred and twenty eight pages. In the end, we spent the time yelling and laughing about how ridiculous the whole situation was. The movie was called the Nuttiest Nutcracker, and by demand from my friends, I’m telling you to never watch it.
Then came the pizza, a beacon of hope for someone who was dreadfully hungry, specifically myself. Water itself was stupendous, but nothing could satisfy like pizza could.
Cheese pizza is a fine meal, rather normal and bland compared to some pizzas. And this pizza was no exception, kind of your run of the mill cheese pizzas, but it was delicious nonetheless. But the real pizza that won it all was the Bear. As someone who loves a lot of meat (never have I seriously considered being a vegetarian), the Bear was unquestionably remarkable. I can’t say that I remember how each separate type of meat tasted, but together it was a medley of juicy taste, littered with spices and flavors. It all culminates in your mouth victoriously. It all seemed to come together in a nearly perfect way. The mood and being surrounded by friends made the whole situation very cozy and pleasant.
I scarfed down each slice of pizza, not even saving the time to really notice each bite of pizza that entered my mouth. They say that in order to truly enjoy any food, you have to savor each specific bite. But I would challenge that opinion, since the pizza tasted wonderful regardless of cherishing bites.
Now, everything that happened before, were merely the preliminaries, the beginnings, the introductions. Soon, would be what everyone had come to see, but never expected.
As I’ve said, Matthew is normally a “typical” person in his behavior. But when we had finished the pizza, there were only two slices left. We had all eaten around six or seven slices, I was pretty satisfied with how much I had. But Matthew, on the other hand, was absolutely infuriated by there being two slices left. He began to come up with crazy schemes, trying to divvy up the slices between us four. He even threatened to eat them all himself, which would add up to nine slices of pizza. Never in my life had I seen such words from Matthew. He was upset, audibly and physically. We all thought he was crazy.
After this fiasco, the rest of us won. Matthew wasn’t allowed to eat the last slices, and I took the last slices home with me. But we did not escape from all, the rest of the night Matthew brought it up in a hurt tone, still upset about those two slices of pizza. And we laughed at him each time. Actually, we brought it up more than he did, but I’m going to choose to remember that he was the one who constantly reminded us.
So, that night I learned what really sets off Mathew. Apparently it’s pizza. Looking back on that rather insignificant night, I think about how important friendships are to me. A world without good friends I can imagine, but it’s not a world I’m ready to go to. When I try to imagine the world without anyone else, it sounds miserable. I hope that I never have to go to that place. There aren’t many other places where you can spend an entire meal talking about a stupid movie. And there hasn’t been another night where anyone has even come close to eating nine slices of pizza.


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