Dave, The Portly Man

This story was written for a project in school, where we were supposed to write a children’s story. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone for some reason.

One day there was a very fat man named Dave, but everyone who didn’t know him called him the Portly Man, on account of his body image being rather round and weighing 437 pounds. image

He walked down the street, in search of his favorite bagel store. Dunkin’ Donuts was normally his favorite, but they were closed that day. Instead of Dunkin’ Donuts, he would have to eat at Bruegger’s. He often desired a bagel, as he often desired most foods. For Dave was a very special fat man. The more he ate, the more he hungered. So he was always in a state of desiring more food. When he slept, his tummy only wanted to eat. So he was often awake through the late hours. This made Dave rather cross, as his stomach constantly kept him awake. Always Dave was quite hungry, making him quite grumpy. This forced him to constantly be eating. He didn’t know what to do.
The next day, one of his friends named Louis visited. “Dave, you are not looking very good. You are getting fatter.”

Dave had never really thought about this before. Though he loved food, he didn’t like everyone thinking he was fat. Dave decided that he would not be fat anymore.
Dave started by eating foods that weren’t just meat and bagels all the time. He went to a gym instead of eating. Though he hated working out with all of his heart, he knew it was better for him to not be fat anymore. So he kept running, jogging, lifting, and other such activities. After a few days, he was too tired and annoyed to continue. So he went back to his normal ways.
After eating and eating for two more weeks, he had to go on a trip to his mother’s. He hopped in his car to drive there. He realized quickly that his car was too small for him!


Dave’s body rubbed up against each wall, and he was very squished. This made Dave realize something he did not really want to admit. His portliness would need to stop. So finally deciding for himself that he would end his eating habits, he biked all the way back to the gym.
The next month was filled with working out and salads, lots of salads. Dave was committed to ending his portliness. Nothing would stop him from becoming slim.
By the end of the year, Dave had completely transformed himself. No longer did he weigh 437 pounds, but now a nice 176 pounds.

All his fat was gone, and he was no longer always hungry and grumpy. He even had found a girlfriend and a better job. His friends even had a new nickname for him, Slim-Jim.


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