Depression’s Road

The winding, bending, road stares back at me
Eyes look on as the path spirals down
The sky above remains dark as a funeral gown
Pulsing blood sends pain straight to the knee
And as my feet exchange their places
For no certain reason they increase their paces

Each step of this snake bring me closer into the tunnel
Dark and foreboding, like the mouth of a beast
On my being soon it will feast
All remaining hope pours out through a funnel
Those gazing eyes absorb my being
I wish not to feel as they can sense my feeling

Nearing the end there seems to be light
In fearing the dark I thought up my fate
It seems obvious that it was far too late
But perhaps there is an escape from this fright
Forevermore I seem to walk
My only desire is for someone to talk

At last the darkness fades
The beautiful world finally shares its love
A tiny bird flies, the image of a dove
How great it is to be gone from those shades
To be alive among the splendid grandeur
Grateful that I was able to endurea


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