The Disillusioned King

On the precipice of the boiling war
With bombs exploding
And rifles sounding
The kingdom is falling

Invaders draw closer and closer
These old timer armies stood no chance
Stuck in their past
Led by a man long disillusioned

He’d given up many years ago
Life simple was a bore
His country went to ruin
All because he was bored

The reign of his majesty
Born out of burning revolution
His father’s noble compulsions
Not inherited by his children

There was no hope for longevity
No one wanted to admit that
It was a revolution
With no reason

And when the countries’ mother
Came calling back for dinner
Of course they came running
Crying for their mother

Doors burst open
Through the ancient castle halls
It’s empty, nothing remains
Except for the wallpaper on the walls

The triumphant soldiers ransack every room
Searching for whatever still lives
A simple light remains lit
On the highest tower

Alone in the tower
Stands the disillusioned king
Smoking his fancy cigarette
Holding his final glass of wine

“So they’ve finally found me
Brought me to the final day
No chance for all those dreams
That had long ago died

“I’ve reached it all
Nothing left in the now
My kingdom burns
And my heart does not grieve

“You violent men should know
Before I die and you leave
Continue what you’re told
That my misery is not my own cause”

With his final words breathed
He throw his cigarette
On all his countries’ art
That surrounded him in the last minutes

The tallest tower burned
Spitting fire through its windows
Every man saw the beacon
The final torch in the dying land


3 thoughts on “The Disillusioned King

    • For this poem specifically, I believe the inspiration was either a song or just the idea of a disillusioned king itself. It seemed oddly romantic the idea of a king whose dreams die from his reign and that his final act, burning all of the art in his country.

      But for my work in general, I find my inspiration from music, random ideas, or just my own musings. The life of a teenager in this time period is interesting and strangely unique, so it fortunately helps with poetry.

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