It’s All Here but It’s Not

Of all the waves that flow upon this ancient land
They all fail to touch the heart of it all
Human soul is not eroded by water
The heart does not die to a flood of nothingness

Apathy grips a man
And the man does not care
It’s all waves of pitiful emotion to him
Ceaseless bothers not worth the time
Nor worth the effort to control them

Human life defined by measures
Set out by humanity
The medley and the symphony
Defined by our own rules
Not defined by their beauty
But by their ability to redefine the world

“As I gaze around at all the strangers in town
I guess the only stranger is me”

Do we dream of a better tomorrow or of our own fears?
Is our reality simply nothing or completely something?
We grasp at the sun
And at the moon
Towards the edge of the universe
In hopes that something else is out there
Something better that gives us the answers
When it’s been here all along

“Though you ride on the wheels of tomorrow
You still wander the fields of your sorrow”

To find the answers
We all wander our rubber souls
And mourn for our lonely hearts
Hopefully there will be something out there
To help us
Perhaps someone
Someone better and more powerful
Someone who made all of this
Maybe he can help us

Well isn’t that quite an idea


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